Monday, October 20, 2014

72 Media Fast

I fasted from friday the Friday the 17th to Sunday the 20th. On Friday I was really busy. I had work at 7am, then I had to return some film equipment and apply for senior seminar before I went to editing class. After all that I finally had time to eat and it was 3:30. Then I took a nap and went to Hampsted for my Sister’s birthday. So I didn’t really even have the opportunity to use social media.
I spent the next two days in Hampsted with my mom, dad, sister and her boyfriend. We have a very small house there and there’s no internet or cell phone signal. So again, I couldn’t really use social media if I wanted to.
When I got back from Hampsted on Sunday I worked on an essay I have for doc class. I didn’t do any research but made an outline for later. I tore my friend away from doing her homework and we took a walk. After spending so much time with people I spent most of the rest of my night in my room. I worked on some Dungeons and Dragons stuff that I haven’t worked on in a long time, went to bed early for work the next day.

So mostly I was super busy and didn’t have time for social media but that was nice regardless. Usually when I scroll through facebook it’s when I’m bored and have nothing to do. It felt good to go three days knowing I didn’t waste any of my time. I also didn’t have any time to play video games which are fun but also feel like a waste of time a lot.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Blog 1

I couldn't tell if it felt like the reel was going up or down or if I was falling down. The color stripes looked like a waterfall continuously moving down even when it stopped moving. The piano lines looked like feathers and it was fitting. The music felt like falling too. It's funny how many pictures your brain can see so quickly, some of it followed a symmetry, lines going one way were always paired with the opposite. It must have weird timing the song out frame by frame, thinking so slowly.